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Having a background in creative thinking, I started my brainstorming facilitation career within the confines of Meyer/Glass Design where I was given the odd, but very difficult task of boosting the creativity and concept generation of a dozen very secretive toy and game designers.

Over time, I’ve learned that both “über-creatives” and self-professed “un-creatives” can both benefit from an outside spark, and around that principle I started to develop my method for innovative thinking programs.  I believe that everyone has the ability to come up with the next big idea whether it be a new product, brand, marketing idea, promotional concept, or line extension.  Over the last decade I have developed techniques and exercises to help individuals, small and large groups ideate creative, strategic solutions to any problem statement. The key is to push thinking past the expected all the way out to the unrealistic and uncomfortable but then slowly pull back and you’ll find the best ideas lie somewhere in between.

I have facilitated sessions for a wide array of companies and organizations, tailoring each session to the specific needs of the group.   I have experience in a variety of industries including packaged foods, food service, hotel service, paper products, juvenile products, furniture and hardware.  I also branch out and work as a “brain-for-hire” and assist businesses and innovation consultancies by contributing an outside perspective to boost creative thinking.  My realistic yet out-of-the-box thinking has helped develop creative strategic solutions for numerous unusual challenges.


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