Pigs on Trampolines

Pigs on Trampolines
  • Pigs on trampolines box showing a pig with a cap bouncing off a trampoline flying above a platform with other pigs bouncing toward it.
  • Pigs on Trampolines Game showing the box, three trampolines, a mud pit in the middle of a raised platform, and six differently decorated rubber pigs.
  • stack of six pigs from pigs on trampolines game. each pig has a different colorful attribute such as hair or goggles

Pigs on Trampolines

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Bounce pigs off your trampoline and try to land them into the center mud pit.  Earn a mud splat when you do and the player to collect the most when they’re all gone is the winner!


• 2023 London Toy Fair HERO Toy Award

• 2023 Top Insider Top Summer Toys

• 2023 Winner of the Play Creators Kids and Family Game Designer of the Year Award


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